A 5 minutes chronicles


Chattering, murmurs and buzzing all around me, like static from a broken radio. Hazy figures appear infront of me whispering my name, but why are they whispering my name? It feels cold. Cool breezes escape the cold pavement beneath me to take shelter in my bones. Faint images replay infront of my eyes. Black and white reruns of my life, all the good and evil that I have done. I pause one particular moment and press replay, over and over again. It was the moment when death was grinning in my face. I smile, for I laughed in its face. I smile, because I knew that this is merely the beginning of something bigger, something more divine. I smile, for I know that my actions on this earth shall remain a legacy. I smile, for I know that the idea of freedom would be strengthened by my death. I smile, for I know my presence on this earth wouldn’t have gone in vain. I smile, for I have left a mark. I just wish I had bidden my parents and friends a goodbye, but death is such a sneaky thief. I wish I had told my dear ones not to cry for me. I shall live on through you. Revive the cause and I shall be amongst you. Promote freedom and justice and my death wouldn’t go down the drain. My soul shall live on through yours. In seconds, I would be in a better place so don’t fear for me, but fear for yourselves; for a world where injustice strives would be a bleak one. Fight as long as you breathe. Fight till the last breath of air leaves you. I shall go now, but happier than when I was alive as my presence had a meaning; so will yours have one?!


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