Remember how you and I had a solid base common ground? Remember how you let me cry over your shoulder that gray lonely afternoon? Remember how you said “I wouldn’t let you go  ? Remember our secret world that we built ? Remember how we had the keys to that world around our necks? Remember how we roamed that world together? Just the two of us? Remember how we used to talk till dawn? How our laughter would resonate? Remember our bond? How we gave it a name and called it our own? Remember how we started as colleagues, then as solid companions? Remember how closeness ran in our blood, like it was in our genes? Now, do you remember how lost the keys? Remember how our world fell down to ruins? Remember how our world resides as ashes in the back of our brains? Remember how our bond lost its meaning and name? Remember how our hearts stopped mentioning each other? Remember how our hearts barely recognize each other?  Remember how you stopped to care? How I stopped to care?  Now you are just someone who dwells a lost part of my memory. Someone that I used to know.

“The sun sets on the world that was once ours”


2 thoughts on “Ashes

  1. Uhh this is so beautiful and precious. Your writing has never failed to take me places. Your words make me travel there, wherever you choose me to be, splendid! I want more.

    P.S: Please post them on tumblr as well so I can reblog. (:

    • Sahar ! I appreciate you coming by and going through the blog 🙂 I will write more pieces that are similar to these and yeah , I am still working on tumblr and sure as hell imma publish them there 😉
      Thank you.

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