In a foreign land she was left alone. Not because she had no friends ,but, because she chose to be.She know that somehow she needs to do it on her own.So where was she exactly? No, she was not Alice and she is certainly wasn’t in wonderland.She was in the land of the dead.The land where she left her heart to rot.This land was parched.Dead burnt plants were scattered disorderly around and she could feel the hard pebbles beneath her feet.In this land of hers, its always Grey , not sunny and yet not dark but simply….Grey.A warm breeze caresses her cheek and ironically she shivers.That …quite added to her sinister imaginative mind, all she needed was a metal band playing in the background for her.She looks around to find her purple heart on the ground beating without a sound.She remembers how she mistreated it, giving it away in the name of love.And every time she gave it away it would come back to her the way a wrongly addressed letter is returned back to its sender.She remembers the shock when she realized that her heart was of no value….no worth…after all , who would want a dead heart?? .She gently moved her fingers on the barely living structure between the palm of her hands and kneeling down she stood there, speechless with a blank stare in her beady black eyes.She liked it that way, she wanted to stay like that forever.Forever in here nothingness.In her land.

Solitude is often the best society”- A proverb.


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