The dance of farewell.

Once upon a time there was a dancing ball hosted by an anonymous. Each and every single person in town was required to attend on the condition of wearing a mask upon entry. And all of them did .No one said no, after all, they were all compelled to.

Upon entry everything dazzled them.  The magnificent high ceiling with the incomprehensible writings in gold, along the borders. The way the majestic crystal hangings stood out. The way the crystals reflected the light into miniature rainbows onto the sandy yellow walls of the hall. The incredibly polished silver ware made an appearance as well. But what caught their eyes most, was the olive grotesque huge piano on a high platform . Everything in that hall that night promised a good evening. But they were ignorant. As they always had been.

Chatter and joy filled the atmosphere with strangers enjoying each other’s company. They were relaxed and cool at the easiness of how the evening was proceeding until the pianist entered the hall, flexed his fingers and started to play.

The man was old and neutral. The wrinkles around the corners of his mouth, eye and in his forehead were prominent. It was like time itself etched them on his face. His fingers moved smoothly on the key and the music was mesmerizing. The warm octaves send them into a state of trance and they started to dance.

They found themselves being arranged in two rows randomly. Each masked person started dancing with the one in front, completely unaware of the hidden forces moving them .Twirling and spinning, they went on, under the influence of the hypnotic sweet music. One could hear their slow gliding on the ceramic tiles and see the reflection of their mouths twisted into smiles on the silver ware.

After few hours the music stopped. The pianist was out of sight but they were standing in two rows facing each other. An instinct-like feeling caused each one to remove the mask and oh how they wish they didn’t. Somehow, someway each person knew that it was the time of farewell as each eye met the pairs in front.

Shock, anger and resentment crawled up their spine. “Why?” seemed to be the only reasonable question at that moment. Everything seemed to dissolve to nothing and what mattered was only that moment, that minute and those final seconds. Tears glistened against the dark floor. The lover cried. The mother cried. So did the son and the father. So little was said, so little was done and so many plans were left at halt forever. They knew that they have to let their memories gather dust and cobwebs for now, the dear ones are forever gone.

Two huge gates appeared out of the blue, behind each party and they knew what they had to do. Each row of people exited through one door. Once outside the door, the eerie silence took over until one sob broke it off, followed by its mates escaping the mouths of those defeated. They wept for the audacity of fate, for they needed only some more time. Time to live, time to smile, time to fight but they were simply taken aback. Suddenly, they heard “All for good my friends, all for good” being whispered in the wind. But the sobs went on like a melody.


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