When happiness becomes a monkey riding a rainbow !

To find happiness, is quest for almost every human being. The question that remains to be answered is, where do we find happiness? The answer is “Everywhere”. It is everywhere, if we look closely enough. It resides in the little things that we ignore or take for granted. To me, happiness has many forms and I shall share them with you. Happiness is the song that I have always hated, but I still sing it at the top of my lungs because it makes so much sense when am with my best friend. To me, it is defined as the thrill I get when buying a new book. It is when I and my friends start acting like complete mental retards that our parents might consider buying us strait jackets. It is in, the word of recognition I get from my parents or professors. It could be disguised as the mental joke that me and my friends laugh at, by a simple eye contact. It is in the radiant smile of a complete stranger. It is in the “Thank You” that my little brother utter when I make him sandwich, even if the sandwich was horribly made. It is in the serenity I get from reading Quran or praying. Happiness is the sound of my 7 years old brother yelling “LOSER”, when he had beaten me in UNO four times in a row. Happiness is in the taste of a new recipe, that I invented, which I find delicious while everyone else think that it’s quite rubbish. It is in the sound of my mother, praying for me, a day before my exam. Happiness is in the sky, the Nile, the flowers, the white clouds and the old buildings. Happiness is me, writing this piece of writing at this moment. It is the sound of my keyboard as I type this. It could also be considered, when I consider defying reality to the point that I might actually consider jumping out of the window. To me, these are all happiness in disguise. It has many forms and synonyms. Being happy is a choice and every and each one of us is capable of creating their own sunshine. If I could imagine happiness in reality, then it would be a rainbow riding a monkey. It mightn’t make quite sense to you, but it does to me; after all we are different with different personalities, we all experience emotions at different levels. So what’s your own definition of happiness? Does it have a specific representation in your head? Does it even have a name?


3 thoughts on “When happiness becomes a monkey riding a rainbow !

  1. The way you express yourself, your deepest thoughts and unresolved feelings leaves me amazed! Your talent touches the soul.

  2. This was a note on Facebook, Right? I was trying to remember where I read it before .. Still it manages to get me Everytime I read it. It just gives me a rush of unexplained joy, Even on my worst Days.

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