A crushed Violet.

Whenever I read this quote ,White and black reruns flashes in my head and I remember every person I forgave in my life. I remember  what they did, I remember how much it hurt, I remember how long it took me to forgive and best , I remember how good it felt to let go of hatred and be strong enough to love again. It was like, my heart grew stronger after every pronunciation of the word forgive, I guess scars are beauty after all, they can be a source of strength if you want them to be. Yes indeed, forgiveness is not weakness, it simply means that you are not wiling to step down to the level of hatred and instead offer an olive branch. Moreover, we we are more willing to forgive ourselves  and try again so why cant we treat others whom we know are good hearted similarly? Everyone deserves a second chance, sometimes , some of us repeat a mistake that two chances are not enough but it all depends on your willingness to forgive  and whether their souls are pure

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”


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