A girl called Nabeela.

Turning and twirling in her tiny red flowery dress, she fools around. The childish innocence shines from her tiny green eyes lighting up the world around her, it was like she was scattering smiles everywhere, even I eyed her curiously with a magical unexplainable smile on my face. I see her, holding and hugging a younger boy with all her might making him smile. She unknowingly, made him happy , she made us all happy. “That’s what life is stripped from jealousy,hate,fear and uncertainty, its unexceptionally beautiful” I wondered to myself. She was running, skipping, walking and even talking to herself, she was all carefree , the way a child should be.A carpet, A floor and space was apparently all she needed to enjoy herself. What an odd choice? Odd is childhood. Beauty is childhood. Simplicity is childhood. In describable is beautiful.Childhood is what we need.Childhood is Nabeela.


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