Looking at people through the looking glass.

Ehm..I just added this cause I thought it was hilarious (A)

Note to reader:This piece is actually long and to people foreign to Egypt might be confusing and well, you might simply decide to never read anything from this blog ! But before leaving, Let me tell you the essence of this piece.I have simply written it to urge people to expect the unexpected from people for the unexpected could be good. Your mind doesn’t know whats inside of other’s heart, your mind could be blind.

How many times have you seen a man with a beard and went like “It must be unpleasant to be around him “?, How many times have you seen a girl wearing a tight skinny jeans and perhaps, went like “Oh no, how did her parents let her get away with that one?” Or how about seeing a girl wearing a nekab and going like “ She must be sucking the fun out of everything as she must be talking about religion 24/7” , even though you might not have tried talking to any of them?. Admit it, you have, in fact had such thoughts before! This, my friends is what we call prejudice. The idea of giving someone a title based on their external appearance i.e., stereotyping .However, this is always not the case, as a matter of fact, in many cases, this isn’t the case! I was like that at one point I admit, but life every day, proves me that I couldn’t be more wrong. I shall give you few examples in a few, but I just want you to ask yourself a question “Who are you when no one is looking?”, answer that and you will understand what I am talking about.

My first example was when I once rode a minibus and there were no seats available so I had to stand on the bus’s floor. One of the passengers got down and oh la- la; there it was a glorious chance to sit! However, there was man standing earlier in the bus so I was discouraged to sit and decided against it. Yet, he offered it and I didn’t say no! He repeated this with 2 other girls who rode that minibus that day and he refused to sit. I was taken aback by his courteousness; let’s face it, how many men would stand for you in a crowded minibus?!  20 or 30 %  maybe?! That man wore shabby clothes with slight grease stains. He was one of society hard laborers yet, he did what the doctor the engineer didn’t.

The second example was when I was new at my college. I saw a girl that quite fitted “my own” definition of a “Brat “and honestly, I didn’t want anything to do with her. That girl is currently one if my irreplaceable friends. Everytime I look back on those thoughts I had about her, I would say “What on earth was I thinking?”. And everyday, life would give me more examples that would contradict the concept of stereotyping. A girl whom I thought was uptight turns out to be, one of my dear friends. A guy who looks like the modified version of tamer Hosny ( A wanabe singer here in Egypt more like JB of the Egyptians ,only older !), takes out a Quran and starts to read. A complete stranger that you barely know comes out to help you   in distress and so on.

It is true that some people DO actually fit our mental  description of bad or uptight, however I have personally come to terms that there people are unpredictable. People choose what to show us at any given time or day. They, themselves decide which mask to put on and how to dance with it. They could be quite unpredictable like the weather in April. Everyone of us has their own story that has shaped us in being who we are, how we behave and why do we behave in the way we do. So getting back to my earlier question,” who are you when no one is looking?”, If you have an answer to that , then you would understand what I am talking about. Your secretive side could force you to behave in ways that you yourself, might be amazed at. Hence explaining my choice of name for this topic.

In conclusion, people are not books to be read in the way they talk or the way they dress up. So do not make prejudice a habit. I mean, you probably don’t want anyone calling you “uptight” just because you wore a long skirt or calling you “arrogant” because you are confident. And finally remember that first impressions aren’t always correct, you wouldn’t know who would be out there waiting to surprise you.

Even God doesn’t plan to judge a man till the end of his days, why should you and I?– Unknown Source.


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