20 Things I hate.

  1. People who take a long time to reply to me while chatting.My time is gold and I would rather use that gold to buy books and clothes!
  2. When someone decides its the perfect time to ask me something while I am on phone.Apparently, I have additional pairs of ears and an extra mouth that I weren’t aware of.
  3. When someone asks me a question that they already know the answer to. Some of them even reply “I was just checking whether you know it”..Er…Thats my sister right there !
  4. When people underestimate what they are capable of.
  5. When people post a picture on facebook saying “I look ugly ugh!” really ?! then why did you post it ?
  6. When someone deliberately pauses my favorite music when I took the effort to compile them in a decent playlist. That would also be my sister !
  7. When I comment to someone’s photo saying “You look great” and the go like “No, I am not”. Then I have to go on saying “No no you do believe me !” then they go again saying “no I look bad”. Listen man just accept the damn compliment ! -.-
  8. People who believe that life is always against them. Life is unfair, yes, but don’t go on being grumpy and taking it on everybody around you.
  9. People who step on my new sneakers. I tend to scream like a baby. Not so mature, I know ! *hmph*
  10. People who throw their rubbish in the streets saying “It is already dirty.My trash is not going to matter”. No, you throwing your trash in a proper dustbin will make a difference.Be optimistic and make a change for you never know whom might see you and imitate your act.
  11. People who judge others by their looks. I wont say the corny saying “Don’t judge the books by their cover” but just because you are fortunate enough to have friends who love you for what you are doesn’t give you the right to judge other because they wear clothes in a certain way. For all I know, actions are what really matter.
  12. People who don’t reply to my messages.I didn’t just spend my money so that I would get silence as an answer.I am sorry to have take the initiative to ask about you.
  13. People who have their heads in the clouds and think that they know it all.
  14. Just because you have good looks, then that doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk.
  15. Those who reject what is different and judge something without even trying it or even knowing more about it.If you decide to be a jerk, please make sure that your mouth is shut.
  16. When someone touches my laptop.My laptop is like my husband so better keep your hands off it.
  17. When you get introduced to a new person and they grab your mobile and start going through your private messages and photos.Someone needs a lesson on manners right there.
  18. When someone asks you for a pen twice and never return it even after the second time !
  19. Those who don’t value themselves.If you do not deserve and respect yourself then no one will.
  20. When my brother got a higher score than mine in “doodle jump”, seriously I kicked my ass in getting that score -.-‘

Yes ! thats how I usually feel !:D


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