Questions that just pop! #1

Since I haven’t written anything in a while, I decided to do something new in order to utilize my time in something decent.This ‘something’ constituted in asking myself a question, any question and then finding an answer to ! A 5 minutes quest of  information daily won’t hurt me. And NO am not a nerd but I just like to be knowledgeable, I mean COMON ! Our smart phones can’t be smarter than us ! Sheesh people ! Do not worry readers, I will answer them as short as possible 😀

Okay here we go:

Q. Who invented the AC?

A. Willis Carrier. No wonder there is a company named after him !

Q.Can we control our dreams?

A. Yes, we can.Inception was the key element for asking this question ! And oh ! It is called “Lucid Dreaming”. See! no more yapping but if you are interested you can read about how to do it by browsing through these sites:

You could also ask questions, no matter how serious or silly they are and then setting off to determining the answers ! You might never know what you would find 😀


Mennah M.


Would be more than glad to hear your thoughts:

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