A demon of my own.

She takes one step backwards and crunches gravel, breaking the tense silence hanging in the air. Her sword, held high, shone bright under the luminous moon. The atmosphere was a bit nippy but gentle. The sky was drenched in blackness; however the moon stood out giving her few rays to know her way through. The moon had one companion, a tiny star. The star as tiny as it was, could’ve gone unnoticed compared to the brilliance of the moon, yet she noticed it. She needed a companion in her everlasting nights. A companion she can share her dreams and wishes with, no matter how small and trivial they seemed. That minute burning mass was her only friend, her only hope.

Infront of her stood her mighty, almost eternal enemy: Icefyre, the dragon that wouldn’t let peace peek through the window of her world. Smoldering rings of smoke rose from its flaring nostrils to dissipate into the air. Its black scales were glittering furiously bouncing off the moon’s fragile rays. Its eyes were blue and cold as ice. Its monstrous obsolete wings covered most of the view beyond it. It was a monster, beast and a ghost all at once.

From experience she knew that Icefyre waited only when it was preparing a major attack, something to catch her off guard, something to finish her off. But she was ready this time. It breathed smoldering fire her way. It all happened in an instant when her mind mouthed “Fearful, I am”. She urged her legs to move but they said “No, there is no point”. She was planted in place with the her heart was convinced that she can make it and mustering all strings courage left in her, she dodged death by inches. Her legs were on fire and she had to roll in the dirt to kill it. Defeat welcomed her, opened arms, whispering “What is the point of fighting is you always lose? None”.

Seconds felt like years as she reflected her final thoughts. She used to think that she could accommodate to the conditions. Accommodate to the way she always gave in., to the way Icefyre seemed to sneer at her, the way the thunder roared in her ears after each brutal lost battle, the way she felt defeated inside, perhaps even make her eyes accommodate to dark, there were even times when she actually believed she can see but it’s funny how her miserable mind tricked her. But no, she deserves more. Her soul, heart, mind and body deserved more than this. One time ago she was in the pure heaven light and she wanted to go back .She knows she can’t but she doesn’t care. She wants a way out of this world.

From the heavens, she heard a roar followed by a blinding light. The beast seemed momentarily distracted by the sound and there it was, a glossy black sabre trapped in the dry ground right in front of her. She got up and reached out for it, then it started to rain and that’s when she knew it was time. Resolute filled the pools of black in her eyes and she ran towards Icefyre, leapt as high as she could and planted the sabre between the beast’s eyes. Her body was vigor with triumph and she felt alive, for the very first time in centuries.

The mighty beast staggered backwards and It’s body went limp and landed with a ‘thud’ on the ground creating a dust storm around it. She couldn’t believe her eyes and her heart raced as she stood for seconds away from the black pile in front of her. Beads of sweat decorated her forehead and her breath was rapid. Had she killed her demon at last ?!

She walked over and eyed the beast. She was certain that it was lifeless for she knows Icefyre’s character. It would have plunged right at her with another attack. The gray clouds broke and a stream of gold shone through. Though still raining, she felt happy and invigorated. She was on her knees opening her arms towards the heavens with the heavy water drops splattering across her bruised face. “Thank You lord” she whispered.


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