All the small acts.

Once upon a time there was a Muslim autistic mean living in the USA with his beautiful wife and his stepson. Soon after, the two towers were targeted and collapsed. Muslims were despised and targeted all over the US. The man’s stepson was killed accidently during an act of racism and hatred. The wife threw a fit and told her Muslim husband “Go tell the president that you are not a terrorist”. The man goes on that trip and while on the way he helps people in distress. Other people are inspired by his acts that they follow his lead. This man was named ‘Khan’ and sadly it is a movie and not a real story. The movie was called ‘My name is Khan’.

The reason why I wanted freshen the movie in our minds is because I wanted to cast the light on a certain idea. This idea is simple: Small genuine acts put together might evolve into something bigger. Something that our minds could not have imagined in the first darn place!

Applying this concept through different aspects in our life could cause astonishing result that would strike us dazzled. The next time you decide to throw your Chocolate’s wrapper on the ground thinking that your trash wont make a difference, think again. What if a kid sees you and imitates you ? Would you want a kid to do that? What if the kid sees you throwing in the trash and decides that he should do that, then wouldn’t that be much better? Advice your friends who bear the same pessimistic idea, tell them that their small acts make a difference and that way you would indeed make a difference, no matter how small it might seem.

If you don’t like the way you are treated, stand up for your right and speak your mind. If you see a mistake rectify it and don’t enhance it. If you see someone breaking a queue, tell them to stand in line. Such small acts might  inspire others to follow your lead and god knows where might that lead.

To cut through the chase, I certainly believe that people could be inspired when they see others do good. They just need encouragement, a push. Smile wherever you go for you don’t know who might need it. When someone does something wrong, stand up and say “You are wrong” don’t be scared. If each and every person kept to himself then Egypt would still be at the starting line, shackled and held in place. And as my dad used to say “We do not need a government, we just need new people”. If people are better then this country could be a better place for us and our grandkids to live in.


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