The friendship factor and university.

University. When someone utters that word after graduating high school, the first thing that pops into our heads are the words “New people”. Some could be excited and others scared. Why? Because relationships are risky and in university, we will have to face that risk daily. Can I trust him/her? Why did she/he treat me that way? Why on earth did he/she behave in that way? And similar questions will roam daily in our chaotic brain as long as we breathe but perhaps, they are intensified during our years in university. You might stare at me with that narrowed eyes of yours and go like “What is your point?” Well, my point is summed up in the word “The friendship Factor”; a book which could be the glue to our relationships.

The Friendship Factor is written by the Dr Alan Loy Mcignnis, a psychologist. In his book, the Dr describes how friendship is the keystone relationship that would later evolve into something bigger like marriage or communicating with your boss. What I honestly loved about this book, is how he gave real life examples of the application of a certain idea. This showed how applicable the ideas are and that some people out there got it right!

The book included ideas about deepening one’s relationships. These included:

  • Assigning priority to friendships.
  • The importance of honesty.
  • Talking about affection to the people you love.
  • How to show people that you love them i.e., the gestures of love.
  • Creating space in your relationships.

The Author also gives pointers on cultivating intimacy, ways to handle negative emotions, fixing damaged relationships, the importance of recognizing your worth and also about the importance of commitment and loyalty. In my point of view, this book is a MUST READ, because there could be nothing more important in this world than the people in them whether they are friends, professors or bosses. What is more valuable than having a friend’s shoulder to cry on? Someone to talk to when you are in despair? Or having a great communication with your boss that he might consider promoting you?!

To conclude, I believe that no one in this life can’t escape people and one way or the another we have to deal with them and if so, then we might as well do it right! The friendship factor could be your guide whenever a relationship starts to fall apart, it could point you to what went wrong. I, myself have read it twice over the time I bought it and I am planning to re-read it again because it takes time to soak up the wisdom written in those printed lines. So if you want to create, fix, or salvage a relationship, the “The friendship Factor” is your answer



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