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An amazing piece !

These little things

By Ahmed Nader Gretly and Mai Mostafa

“Life is not a given”, she whispered to herself as she sobbed like so many nights before. Her thigh, a bony canvass, with the words “I’m not good enough” carved in crimson ink. Sinking deep in the abyss of her own lost soul, which was at times aching to be found. With long lines of darkness streaming down her anemic face, that was once angelic, but now her cheekbones strung like massive hills, and black holes hanging under her eyes. Her charcoal hair strung down her face, shielding her eyes that once saw beauty with a curious gaze.

She once was lady popularity, but now she played the character of “Little Miss nobody” in this grotesque play, with her being the puppet and the puppet master, on an infinite stage of wood with her hopes, dreams and all the faces, all the eyes…

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