Silly us.

“Ugh! I hate you! You are just too perfect! And you have a perfect life!” That’s how my 16 years old sister snapped at me when I teased her about a drawing she drew earlier. It struck me by surprise when she said that because I have always wished to be similar to her, in a more or lesser way.

My sister is more confident, calmer, and more stable and could pull a poker face whenever she wanted wherever she wanted, while I on the other hand, am quite different. I am moody, emotionally unstable (not in a drama queen kind of way *Innocently avoids eye contact*), have a short temper and I admit that I have self esteem issues.  Now why would she want to be me? That’s what I usually wonder for I would pay a million to acquire the qualities she got.

The thing is, she doesn’t know that. She doesn’t know that this person whom she calls perfect craves for an ounce of any of the qualities she posses. Here comes to my mind the great number of people whom I saw and said “Oh I wish I had her life” I was stupid to say that. Why? Simply because they too saw something in my life that made it interesting, a life that’s worth it.

As I browsed (sounds more like ‘stalked’ I know!)  Through these people’s (the so called people with the lives that I wanted) tweets or through their facebook profile account, I realized they had something that made them unhappy. I didn’t know what that “thing” was but they weren’t happy. They weren’t happy though they had the new watch from Guess. They weren’t happy though they had the latest Samsung Galaxy. They weren’t happy though they had the perfect skin or the best BMW among us. They just weren’t happy.

At that point I kind of felt like slapping myself! I could get little insecure and little upset sometimes yet what if they had a whole measure of sorrow that was the same amount of happiness I had in my life? What if I was happy by the chocolate pudding my mum just made and they weren’t happy by their I-pad? That’s when I realized that the answer lies within ourselves. If you believe that you are indeed happy by the little things you have then COULD be happy.

A word for that is: content. God is just, so even if you believe that he didn’t do you right; take it back for he is always just. Even if he didn’t give you what you want now, it might be because he is saving you for something better, maybe in this life or the after-life. If you are a non believer in God, then at least be content for you never know who will be waiting around the corner envying you for being smart, intelligent, funny, mysterious or confident. You just never know.

Bottom line fellas, is that life is good for those who wish to see it that way. It all depends on your perspective. Change the angle you view your life a little bit or wipe your windshield clean or take few steps for you might be standing in the shadows. Sit down and write 10 things you are grateful for. Believe me you will find more than 10 to write about. You are at least reading this right now, so whats there to not be happy about?


6 thoughts on “Silly us.

  1. I hope that I could think like You… If You want to read a REAL story of a 22 yr old male *me* who has no future, than, at least support me with one single lousy click on follow. It means to me, and it means more when someone reads a post and then leave a comment where I can see that he/she actually DID read the post/or whole blog.


    Greets from Serbia

  2. Well if a follow is what it takes to give you a teeny meeny ray of hope then will do 😉 Though I believe that each one of us has the ability to conquer what there is from the misery that surrounds us.Anyhow you are on the right direction anyway by giving up on Heroin, its a start and it takes a lot of determination to do it ! You should really be proud of yourself!

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