Between the worlds.

Between the worlds.

“Oh! Better work on that smile” He thought, as he browsed through the latest photos he just took with his friends on the beach. They were out earlier today having a great summer BBQ. Things couldn’t look any better. In most of the pictures, he found himself smiling radiantly to the camera, as if nothing was wrong, as if he didn’t perfect putting these smiles on daily. He notices the black rings under his eyes and sighs. He ‘likes’ the photos and comments on how amazing the day was. It was amazing in the fact that it distracted him from the turmoil inside anyway.

He flicks off his laptop screen and the lights of his room and sits on the hard wooden floor. He rests his heavy head filled with cramming thoughts backwards onto the cold wall and starts to float. He might be physically present but his mind was taking residence somewhere else. A place where his deepest fears and agonizing thoughts materialized into a horrifying scene. He takes a deep breath as he plunges to the alternate world he had created.

He imagined himself being the captain of gigantic majestic ship. His ship usually never failed him with its black shiny body piercing the ocean as if it was nothing but a plain blue paper; but today it was no paper. Showers of rain fell from above flooding his deck. It felt as if the water literally filled his eyes. The wind was loudly screeching in his ears to the point where he imagined hearing nothing but a faint whistle.

The high tides of the ocean rocked the ship from every direction as if it was punishing him, forbidding him from moving forwards. He was basically rocking in place. As great as his ship was it didn’t stand a chance against the dark tides. The planks had cracks and small holes in them, enough to keep him afloat. The sails too were fighting furiously with the wind but eventually lost. He didn’t blame them, they did what they can.

He grips tightly onto the wheel but he felt his fingers slipping. “Perhaps it’s the water, I am still in control” He tried to convince himself. He takes a deep breath but the strong smell of brine filled his nostrils and he feels like suffocating. He felt as if his chest was tightening to the point of hyperventilating. His blood-shot eyes weren’t any better. He was up the past night trying to figure out what the ocean wanted.

He grips onto the wheel again and gathers what’s left of his strength to turn it but it won’t budge. Soon enough he drops his knees to the wooden deck raises and faces the angry skies but he knew better. He knew that his act of desperation wasn’t an answer to the ocean’s request. He knew that the ocean wanted him to fight. His temporary act will not get him anywhere. The ship still rocked, the skies still cried and the wheel won’t budge.

He shook his head as he processed his thoughts. “The only solution is to stand and fight” He muttered. He got back up on his feet with determination he never felt, he gripped the steering wheel. A shrilled grunt leaves his throat as he musters whats left of his strength to turn the wheel and he did. A rapid exhale escapes his lungs as he realized what he has just done. “Its moving…ITS MOVING NORTH AGAIN!” hallucinating victorious laughs escapes his mouth as few streaks of gold appear in the horizon.


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