Grinning in the face of time.

Remember the time you had summer plans? Tell me, did you do any of the things you wanted to do this summer? Remember the time during your exams when you said “Just as soon as am done with exams, I will kick it off!” So did you kick if off? Or did you spend it sleeping, tweeting and facebooking? If time seems to elude us then we need to make time and for that we need time management.

One time a friend of mine was complaining on how she doesn’t seem to be using Ramadan as fully as she had hoped. She wakes up late and a great amount of the day would be lost. She would then blame herself for not completing the tasks she set for herself, accompanied by a sense of self- hate. I have been there too. Many times I have called myself “lazy” or “Couch potato”, just because, I truly was!

However, there is a way through! HURRAH! Just bear with me for the next few minutes:

  1. Sit somewhere quite with a nice cup of hot coco or coffee. (that’s really my addition!)
  2. Write down the things you want to do and prioritize them. Give the highest priority task an ‘A’ and the least a ‘D’ or number them.
  3. Break down the large tasks to smaller chunks so that you won’t be overwhelmed by how huge things are and also to avoid procrastination. Sometime along the way, we have said “God, its too much! I won’t be able to do it anyway!”
  4. Count how many hours you have per day and assign each task a set amount of time. This amount should be suitable for you and you only. If you are one those who get bored easily, give each task a 30 minutes with 10 minutes break for example.
  5. When doing your tasks, avoid distractions. Close all your facebook and twitter tabs. Don’t let your sister/brother come in, asking you to join them for a movie. BE STRONG!
  6. Do not multitask, it just distracts you and makes you less efficient. You need a 100% focus on what you are doing to get it right.
  7. Use a timer. It is a good idea during studying because it eliminates the mental distraction of having to look continuously at the clock.
  8. Finally, remind yourself daily about why you are doing these tasks. Motivate yourself by taking a minute to imagine what it would be like if you achieve what you want. What would it be like if you earned that Scholarship? Or if you get that promotion? IMAGINE!

Aristotle once said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit” If we incorporate time management into each aspect of our life, then shortage of time wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Success then could be a habit as Aristotle pointed out. Some things aren’t that complicated as we think it might be and time is one of them if you learn to use it right.


Would be more than glad to hear your thoughts:

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