The Egyptian Maldives. #1

So dear readers, I have been away for almost 6 days now and am terribly sorry about that. The reason why I was away was because I took a 4 days vacation with my family to one of the Egyptian Beaches to relax before starting hell again on the 15th of September ( I start UNI again on that date! ). Anyway, we headed to Marsa Matrouh, a coastal city overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Matrouh is almost 400 KMs (254 miles) away from Cairo, roughly 6 hrs drive so make sure to have lotta Caffeine! We were 8 individuals trapped in  a little KIA Carens and man, it ain’t that good! Sheesh!

Day 1:

Matrouh is well known for its strongly beautiful beaches so we headed to the Cleopatra Beach. They say Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, used to bathe there!

Here is a photo at the gates:

Ah!! the mighty queen!


Some snapshots of the beach. I assure you that these pictures won’t do Matrouh justice for you need to see it for yourself!

Waddya think?!



We call this huge rock ‘Kitty’, Lol!


Inside the rock labelled ‘1’, Cleopatra used to bathe as the rock is hollow from the inside and there are some holes in the front and the rear of the rock. Water then gushes inside the empty space flooding it. Too bad I couldn’t take the camera with me 😦
One thing to be noted is that the floor of the beach isn’t exactly covered by sand but with hard rocks. The thing about these rocks is that they are covered by some sort of algae that produces a slimy substance which makes walking over them harder! I tripped twice ! Thats why I didn’t take the Camera with me inside 😦

Those slippery rocks again *hmph* Thank you guys for giving me additional embarrassing moments to add to the list -.-



Our friends climbed on one of the rocks but hey! You gotta be careful for a fall from up there is deadly!! You could only climb if you have some monkey genes in you! Lol!

A view from the top 🙂

See how clear is the water?

Next, we headed to another beach called “Ageebah“. ‘Ageebah’ translates to ‘Strange’ and the reason why it is called by that name is because of its amazing mountains. Nature is just so beautiful when left untainted by humans 🙂

A view from the top.



See, what am talking about?

The temperature that day was 80.6 F (28 C) but it felt more than that ! We were roasted ! So we rested for few hours and in the evening we headed to one of the markets there. The most famous one was called “Libya Market”. For the record, Marsa Matrouh is well known for its desert- planted Olives, Figs and watermelons! And believe me the Olives were G.R.E.A.T.!

Spices are also sold there

One salesman made a sign saying ” Bartering leads to the loss of appetite” that one cracked me up ! He knows that Egyptians could sometimes be a major pain 😛


The same seller hung another two saying:
1 – Bartering leads to spinsterhood !
2 – Bartering destroys health and causes death !
Damn this seller seems to have enough with all the customers !

So this is how my day ended. It was pretty tiring I dare say ! It is pretty funny that I am an Egyptian and I have never visited half of the places tourists visit. As a matter of fact, this is my first visit to Matrouh since the 19 years I have been to this earth ! I will make another post for the rest of the days and I assure you, you wont be let down ! I hope these photographs made you consider Marsa Marouh as one of your future- to-visit places 😉


Mennah M




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