The Egyptian Maldives #2

Yesterday I made a post about my visit to Marsa Matrouh and I talked about my first day. Here, I will be yapping about how the next few days went and of course am posting some extra photos !

Day 2:

It was Sunday that day, the first day of Eid for Muslims so this beach was pretty crowded with everyone swimming and fooling around with sand. As a matter of fact, the people beside us had a guitar and they started playing and singing and everyone went berserk! Especially my dad, when the dude started singing some classical songs from his times ! 😀 I almost forgot! This beach is called the “Affection Beach”. The reason behind naming it this way, is because an old Egyptian actress called “Leilah Murad” shot a movie with the same name as that beach; she even sung on one of the rocks

Thats Leilah singing on one of the beach’s rocks in one of the scenes of the movie

Thats the beloved Egyptian actress- Leilah

Now, lets get down to business and lemme show you some photos of the way to the beach and the beach itself. The water itself was no different from that of Cleopatra’s or Ageebah’s but the difference was that there was no rocks and you could safely have a good time with your family 🙂

On our way to the beach

Marsa Matrouh is kinda not THAT developed like Cairo. Here, the local residents are Bedouins living in one floor houses in the desert. However, Marsa is being developed lately with many hotels built and lotta shops also

An overview of the beach

My little bro kooky fooling around with the water !


Anyone in the mood for some ice cream?! 😀


There were jet skis to rent too!

It was like a sea of diamonds

That rock that my bro is standing on is probably the one Leilah sung on it ages ago!

Lol, my bro Omar buried in the sand. He will probably kill me if he knows that its posted where the entire world can view it. Sorry bro, need it to add some shine on the post 😛

Day 3 :

The last day wasn’t that exciting. We headed to another beach called the “Obayed” (Hard name I know! :/ ) And well, the only difference was that it wasn’t crowded ! Sadly,I took few shots there since there wasn’t anything excited to be noted:

The sun! It was probably 30 C that day however the cool sea breeze made it feel like it was spring 🙂

Thats it folks !Thats how I spent my 6 days on the beach! Sadly, we had to go back since dad and mum had work *hmph* When I grow up, I wont hesitate to buy a summer house there, to get few days away from the buzz of Cairo. Did you know that I barely see the stars from my home here? In Matrouh, I was able to see a sky fully studded with diamonds. It was precious.  I know that Matrouh mightn’t be like Malibo beach or California beach yet, it has some air to it. It is simply beautiful because of the fact that humans haven’t yet tainted it. I hope to see you there someday,


Mennah M

Me and my little man 🙂 I ♥ him.


6 thoughts on “The Egyptian Maldives #2

  1. ooh… it is all so awesome.. wish I could take a break … but I will probably go up on the hills… bored with the sea 😛

  2. Hi, I’m wanting to come to Egypt with my wife & kids in August. I’m planning on coming to Cairo, Marsa Matrouh & Siwa. Could you advise me of areas to go to & nice hotels to stay in. Must be islamic areas, beach & hotel etc. Thanks

    • Hey there Abdul !

      I am sorry for the late reply ! I was caught up with many things and sure you see that the political situation in Egypt isn’t stable.

      I hope that you refrained from visiting Egypt at the time being for things are quite unstable and not safe here :/

      Anyhow, if you have further inquiries I would be more than glad to help !

      • Hi, thanks for replying. I visited Egypt in May & came back in mid June. What a wonderful time me & my family had. We stayed in Cairo, Alexandria & Matrouh. But of all places, our hearts were so attached to Matrouh & still are. We stayedin Matrouh for 2 weeks. What a beautiful place & such nice people. Hope to migrate in the near future from the U.K. Your site helped me a lot. Thank you. All the best, Regards, Abdul Haqq.
        P.S I really hope the situation gets better for all Egyptians & that they all unite.

      • Dear Abdul Haqq,

        Am glad that you enjoyed here. It brings lots if joy to my heart El humdillah. Best believe that Matrouh has a special place in my heart as well especially that I only visited it once !!

        migrate here? Insh’Allah ! Its just funny that we Egyptians want to leave here xD *sigh* Pray for us brother!
        Thank you for your reply !

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