If cotton candies were humans, what would they say?!

What is it like being a cotton candy?

Cotton candy. What sort of thoughts rush through your mind as your eyes started by the ‘C’ and ended by the ‘Y’? Probably, the color pink popped into your head, I know mine did. But am here to view cotton candies in different light from different angles. To discuss the possibility of us being cotton candies.

Honestly, whenever I see a cotton candy I smile. Maybe it is the color pink or the sparkle I see in my 7 years old brother’s eyes when I get him one. Now that I am thinking of it, it is seeing the dried pink sugar around the corners of his mouth and him trying to licking it off, priceless! So how can humans be cotton candies? No Worries, I won’t tell you to sprinkle sugar on your head and paint your faces pink!

Be like the cotton candy in its color so that when people see you, they smile. You could always give people a happy memory that would pop in their heads once they see you coming by. Say ‘hello’ and smile to the people you are standing with at the bus station. Wish the Janitor in your college or work a good morning. Split the sandwich you just brought with him. He works as hard as you too.

Cotton candies can also give honest compliments. Give honest compliments if you can to your colleagues or college mates. Say that you admire their new shoes or cell phone. Ask them to talk to you about it; People like attention .If you see someone sad; you could offer them a sincere smile and perhaps one or two comforting words. But make sure not to force your nose into someone’s business, you would only get a what-on-earth-is-wrong-with-you look!

Be like the cotton candy in its taste and for that you could spray some sugar-spray! Okay, fine! What I meant was that, the same way you enjoy the candy’s taste, provide the same to people; by making them enjoy your company. Be humble, say few and listen more. Don’t say ill words behind someone’s back and that includes the man who broke the queue last week! Speak rainbows only or else keep your mouth shut. To not talk at all is better to spit venom in people’s ears.

 If cotton candies could talk and imagine that you just bought one and it instantly said “Hey! Don’t eat me you human! I am far too great for you” what would you feel? Perhaps gobble it anyway! Point is, respect others..don’t eat them! If you admire someone, let them know. If Kareem or Sara helped you with your studies or with lent you “PES”, don’t hesitate to give them few words of appreciation.

Words which are spoken from the heart are forever stored in the recipient’s heart. A word out of place could be like a poorly aimed sword. It could be unintended yet the consequences could be great. Walls are built and broken by words. Bridges are burnt and made by the power of words. Be a cotton candy in your words and actions. Make it a habit to paint smiles for you never know when you would need someone to do the same thing for you. Do good, feel good like a cotton candy.


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