My hero.

I have been meaning to write this for some time now. To be honest, since the 19th of past August and why is that? Because it was Mennah’s Birthday – My sister in some parallel world out there. I know that I haven’t written in a while and perhaps because that for me, writing comes with strong emotions; therefore emotionless = writing-less. The question that poses itself here, is why didn’t I write this earlier? Because I am douche-bag. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me anyway.

So, let me get down to why am I bothering you will all this gibberish. I want to discuss my home-girl Mennah. An entire glossary of words won’t be enough to describe how much of an inspiring person she is. When she is low, she tries to make others happy. When others are being jerks, she is the one who gives excuses and chances. If you happen to live in her heart (i.e like me 😛 ) she would give you the world.

Today I found out something new about her. She is a warrior in all sense of the word. She doesn’t like to have any unfinished battles and if she does, indeed enters one, she leaves either victorious or with her head held high up. An impenetrable castle, is what she is. No matter how much she is wounded, hurt or scarred , she would still go on till the end and perhaps even further. Life hasn’t been so nice lately to her as the usual, yet there I find her standing looking ahead; not backwards. Always moving with a smile in her face. The smile could bear a different thing every time though. She is officially one of my heroes. Something that am not. Something that I wish to be. Brave, fearless and strong are qualities that I seem to lack but when it comes to Mennah, she is quite different. Something outlandish.

Dear friend, through the entire 2 years that I have known you, you taught me alot. You taught me how to not be judgmental, how to be nice at times and when to be mean (Dude, that is a quality that I TERRIBLY NEEDED TO LEARN). Your presence in my life, shapes me in a different and a new way daily and for that am thankful. Finally, I want to say that I love you moon pie.


Would be more than glad to hear your thoughts:

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