Its been a while since I have been last here and its mostly because I started UNI and life took me by. I can’t really say that my life is an interesting one, nothing exciting particularly happens but today is kind of different. Different, as in I feel happiness and adrenaline coursing through my veins.

It started as any normal day. I BEGGED my eyes to stay open during my dental anatomy lecture Went down and got some hot coco to make me withstand the hell of “Dental Materials”. I and my best friend, Toqa, attended the first half hour and we couldn’t take it anymore.Why you ask? Well, we were literally rotting in hell. We had an hour gap before the start of the next class. So we found ourselves an empty bench and sat down to tattle and chit chat. Somehow our conversation took another turn and we found ourselves thinking about our future and how boring it would be if we get married right away after college without the chance of enjoying being young.

So we decided to go loco while being in UNI. Before we find life sweep us back into our old routine. We planned to do various things that we never did before. Like visiting new places in Egypt that we never been to, ride a train or get some chips and ride on the metro and let it take us wherever it might be. Such energy rarely visits me and honestly, I LOVE IT!! Endorphins has its own strange way in coloring life.

You find yourself finding everything beautiful. The old bus that you ride to your home becomes the most exciting journey you ever been on. The shops, the streets and the people seem interesting and in a weird way, all smiling. I even found myself talking to another commuter who sat next to me and I found out that she was Russian. I am even COOKING for crying out loud.Well, I can’t call making potato wedges cooking, but still !! And am even listening to some weird electro house music from some online radio. NO AM NOT NORMAL PEOPLE !!!

The thing is, its been a while since we did something new This whole shell of routine life is just DAUNTING and well, it makes you hate life. Why not enjoy life while I can? Why follow other people’s way of living? Isn’t this my life? Why can’t I control it the way I want to? It just feels sometimes that society dictates how you should think, act and behave. I know that I have the potential to be great but my mentality is blocked by the words they say. Think positive, act positive. Now I  better get to my wedges ! 😛

My Wedges! My first attempt 😀 They taste good though 😀


Would be more than glad to hear your thoughts:

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